Our values


Respecting the codes of the profession, contributing to the development of the Cybersecurity sector and sharing experience with peers.


The essential pillar of our corporate culture for team cohesion and the performance of our employees.


Assertiveness in exchanges, neutrality of tone without bias, in our management and in our relations with our customers.

Our values

Our commitments

Our commitments

Skills development

The practice and the improvement of know-how are at the heart of our business model. We create a skills plan for each of our experts that is in line with their personal objectives and includes training, certification, monitoring and R&D.


Our recommendations and the associated action plans are based on measures that can be applied on your scale and that produce results quickly to guarantee the support of your decision makers.


A real asset for capturing talent and strong potential, our proven experience in service provides us with the reflexes to respond to your requests and inform you within a very short timeframe.

The MCA Group

SEC-IT is a member of MCA Group.

MCA is an Engineering and High Technology Consulting Group with 1450 employees in France and abroad.

With 30 years of experience, MCA supports its clients in the realization of their projects by the intervention of consultants experts in their fields.

For more information, visit MCA Group website